In professional soccer the team is the most important aspect of the game, however each individual player is critical to the team’s success. We know from our extensive experience on the soccer field that taking care of every little detail matters. This is why we offer an experience that is both group and individually focused, where each tactical decision and every touch on the ball is important.  We allow these young athletes to get the opportunity to maximize their individual development while ensuring that they learn the structure and tactics that will make them successful in any team environment. We want every player to experience an enriched learning environment, that will be both unforgettable and unique not only for the players, but for the families that come to support. We will take care of all the details, leaving the young athletes focused on their development, and the families focused on their enjoyment. Euro Soccer Trips is the culmination of a coach´s vision. A vision of creating a stronger union between USA soccer and Spanish football. Combining experience and wisdom with the youthful and adventurous spirit of young athletes, we can forge a key to success. We want to bring the methodical tactics and development strategies of the best coaches to the receptive and creative minds of the best players.

This is the first brick of an ambitious project, created as a result of the passion of people who live, respect, admire and breathe soccer…

“Our project starts now… and you are already part of it”